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JBL Flip 5 20 W IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

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The JBL  Company has created a revolution in the world of portable Bluetooth speakers. Now, from the small party at home to the office party , Bluetooth speakers are playing today. Among the Bluetooth speakers JBL flip 5 is very popular. People are buying more of this wireless speaker than home theater today. The popularity of this Bluetooth speaker is high for people with good battery backup, great sound, extraordinary design and carrying facilities.

Build and Specification:

Let’s find out what’s up with that, so when you take portable Bluetooth speaker JBL flip 5 out of the box they had this little kind of plastic key foam container. I went with the red one this time so as you can see right off the bat it looks very very similar to the portable Bluetooth speaker JBL flip 4 with some minor changes. If I flip Jbl flip 5 this way we have the play/pause button. If you press it once if you press it twice it skips forward plus/minus volume. Right here is where the JBL connect button used to be an ALICE 2 JBL party boost and it does have a different icon.

Then flip it once more this way. Let’s do that right here you have a power button which is OneTouch, on and off. Which I’m not the biggest fan of the Bluetooth connect button. The power light indicator and right here which is a new upgraded. which is a USB type-c take that Sony but getting to the build quality of JBL  flip 5,  I really really like. The build quality of this, we have this wire mesh that wraps around the entire body.

Best Blutooth JBL flip 5 Portable Speaker Review


So I just want to make sure this wireless Bluetooth speaker has enough juice to do the sound test and of course when you plug it in. You have that LED glow that shows you that it is charging but according to the JBL website it says JBL flip 5 takes two and a half hours to charge this fully. But that portable Bluetooth speaker JBL flip 4 I believe it was three and a half hours. You do get 12 hours of playtime out of this that’s about average usually. You also  see about 10 to 12 hours of playtime with these small portable speakers.

product sound image

All right let’s start at 50% power and bought right there so let’s check it .Alright let’s go to 100 that’s about a quarter right there okay. So my first impressions are the bass sounds absolutely fantastic for such a small speaker. We got these little radiators on the side just like previous flip models and these things really kick out.

product image


You will see them vibrate as the bass is kicking out but one thing a note they went with a single driver in. This does it make any difference from the flip four. I can’t hear it, it sounds absolutely fantastic the low sound great. Every Bluetooth speaker I’ve ever reviewed has great minds the highs at high volume tend to sound a little tinny to me .

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Waterproof Testing:

Alright and that brings me to the water test. JBL says this is ipx7 which means i could submerge this underwater up to 3 feet and it should still be able to work perfectly. So let’s try that now so I’m just going to drop it in. Alright it does float that’s a positive and let’s give it to go.

product image

Let’s run it back up man stuff happening Jesus okay it’s cut it’s cutting in and out under the water. I wonder if it’s because of the signal to the bluetooth – that’s weird though. But obviously the base is so much it starts splattering everywhere got everywhere. Wow as soon as I put the driver forward it splatters everywhere. So I’m gonna try to hold it down that was interesting.

Yet wireless JBL flip 5 speaker can still go in the water and be perfectly okay. The micro USB not waterproof had to have a little flap thing a little rubber flap on the slip floor and they took that away. Because of the USB type-c can handle that type of water submersion but after this very very short test.  Only a couple inches of water I would say this is waterproof, maybe the metal had something to do with the Bluetooth signal and that’s why it cut out but it seems to be perfectly fine.

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Alright so, what’s my final verdict on the new portable Bluetooth speaker JBL flip 5? is it worth buying a brand new hundred dollar speaker? If the JBL for exists at a lower price I’m not really sure with the omission of JBL connect plus, two JBL power boost, without a 3.5 millimeter auxiliary jack, without voice assistant and without the ability to take calls.

I mean it’s a tough call but if you absolutely have to have every single JBL Bluetooth speaker released, obviously you’re gonna pick this up. I’m not saying it’s a bad Bluetooth speaker. It absolutely sounds fantastic. It’s probably one of the better sounding portable speakers that I own. So this thing is absolutely great sounding and a best portable Bluetooth speaker for you.

Photos: JBL Flip 5 20 W IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

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  1. Kayif Sk

    I buy this Very good product……

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    JBL Flip 5 20 W IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.
    JBL Flip 5 20 W IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.


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