Retainio Review 2020: Price, Features, and Bonus


Retainio is a great Micro-Buzz Site Builder software. If you want to viral your post and boost traffic on your website, you must use this Retainio software. You could start building your site today and start to boost traffic in seven days.

You can create your Viral Posts in just 3 easy steps, MicroBuzz site creation – choosing your domain/URL Customizing and adding interactive elements setting up lead capture, adding monetization options & then Publishing.

In a simple way, you can add videos in any Niche to your MicroBuzz site by simply searching on YouTube or Vimeo and adding them. You can also add an affiliate link and earn thousands of dollars.

So, it’s a great opportunity for those who want to create a new Micro-Buzz site, Retainio is the best option. Because people are constantly visiting sites looking for the latest news and other viral content.

But when they find something they like, they share it with friends or on their social media profiles.


♦ Vendor:Karthik Ramani
♦ Product:Retainio
♦ Price:$32/ $34
♦ Launch Date:26 JUN 2020
♦ BonusYes, Huge Bonus
♦ Niche:Software
♦ Official website:Click here
♦ Guarantee:30 Days Money back.
♦ Recommend: Highly recommend!


Retainio is a MicroBuzz site builder software, which helps you to create a viral traffic-generating site. That gets You more Viral Traffic, More Leads, and generate more Affiliate Income.

You can create your viral site just follow some simple steps (you also see the demo video on this page). After completing the post you can share that post on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and you get more visitors to your site.

Retainio also helps generate more revenue with the Amazone link. You just need to add your Amazon affiliate details and this software automatically adds relevant Amazon products to your post with your embedded affiliate link below.

The best part is you can get started instantly with no learning curve.


All the features you could ever want to help you generate viral traffic and engagement is included in one easy-to-use cloud-based platform.


In a simple way, you can add videos in any Niche to your MicroBuzz website from Youtube or Vimeo, or others and make them viral.


You can create Polls to get more visitors and more engaged to interact with your site. Because people always love to be included in the conversations and polls are a great way to give them a voice.


This option allows you to continue the conversation between multiple parties in a messenger or text style. It allows you also to add members, images, and more. This convo option is great for giving your visitors a way to on whatever text you want to display on your site while pushing them towards any offer you want.


You can put together multiple slideshows in the gallery that draw your visitor’s attention in like a moth to a flame. You can also use this as a great way to create the types of posts that give a top number of some sort.


Add a bit of flair to your sites with this option. Search for and include quotes by famous people or you can create your own as well!


You can create more helpful and more useful posts that allow you to connect with the reader and offer true value. You can use it to base around any niche or topic such as celebrities, sports figures, or more!

You can also use these lists to create catchy viral content that attracts tons of viewers while using the same content to earn amazing affiliate income from Amazon!


Do you know how people are always swiping on their phones and mobile devices? Well, now they’ll be able to do the same with the posts you’ve created with Retainio too!

Now if you think this isn’t a big deal, you’re completely WRONG!

See, people are now trained by sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others to swipe and scroll through content. By doing so, they stay ENGAGED on that site for longer periods of time.

By tapping into these same pre-programmed behavioral habits, you will be able to have visitors stick to your site as well. This means fewer bounce rates and more opportunities to earn income from Amazon affiliate products and more.


You’ll also see that you get a full-fledged text editor that helps you design, your content just the way you want. You can change font size, select various fonts, bold, italicize, select text color, and even add emoticons.

However, if you want your posts to look, you can format them perfectly with this option in Retainio.


Drive visitors to your offers & convert them to buyers using the call-to-action buttons!


Retainio also allows you to automate the process of adding Amazon affiliate links to your post. You just need to add your Amazon affiliate details and this software automatically adds relevant Amazon products to your post with your embedded affiliate link below.

when someone, clicked that link and buys a product within 24 hours time frame, you will earn a commission.

Retainio Review 2020


STEP 1: Choose a name for your MicroBuzz site.

STEP 2: Click & Add DFY interactive money-making elements in your posts.

STEP 3: Publish & watch Viral Traffic roll in which will explode your leads & sales!

To clearly understand this, please watch the video demo below for more detail:

Retainio Review 2020 review


In my opinion, Explaindio will best suit…..

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Website Owners
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Local businesses
  • Any other kinds of online business



♦ Easy to use.

♦ You can easily viral your post and get more visitors to the website.

 Automated  Amazon Affiliate link helps you for more revenue generate.

 30-Day Money-back Guaranty.


♦ So far, there is none.


Get Your Retainio Copy Today With New Release Discount

ONLY $32
ONLY $34
Create MicroBuzz site15
Create campaigns50500
Connect WordPress site15
Campaigns done-For-You55
CName mapping
Add videos from YouTube, Vimeo or use embed code
Create interactive polls
Simulate messenger-style conversations
Include engaging quotes
Create a gallery of images
Create informative lists
Create interactive swipers
Create rich text posts
Add Call to Action buttons
Enable content locking on demand
Autoresponder integration
Add Amazon Affiliate products
Youzign integration
Clone Campaign
Banner Ads
Campaign analytics
Add Page author
Tracking code
Mobile optimized pages
Use Retainio URL’s anywhere
Social sharing
Embed code on any page
Add post to WordPress site
Article Marketing Influence – $97X
Image Scharch secrets – $67X
Affiliate Marketing Mastery – $69X
The Traffic Handbook – $49X
Customizable CTA Buttons – $75X
Amazon Affiliate Profits – $97X

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Retainio?

Retainio is a MicroBuzz Site builder that Attracts Viral Traffic and generates Leads & Sales With Very Little Effort. With Retainio, You Can Publish An Entire Network of MicroBuzz Viral Type Sites With Minimal Effort.

How can I add a video to the site?

You can import the videos from Youtube and Vimeo using the keyword or using embed code to import the video.

How can I add an image to the site?

You can add the images from your computer or you can get them from other sites like Pexels, Pixabay, Gift, Web, and Youzign.

How many sites can we create with the FE/Basic version?

You can create 1 site & 50 campaigns in the Personal version and you can create 5 sites & 500 campaigns in the Commercial version.

Retainio Review 2020 review



Bonus #1 (VALUE:$97 )

Article Marketing

Retainio Review 2020

Bonus #2( VALUE:$67 )

Image Search Secrets

Retainio Review 2020

Bonus #3 ( VALUE:$69 )

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Retainio Review 2020

Bonus #4( VALUE:$49 )

The Traffic Handbook

Retainio Review 2020

Bonus #5 (VALUE:$75)

Customizable CTA Buttons

Retainio Review 2020

Bonus #6( VALUE:$97 )

Amazon Affiliate Profits

Retainio Review 2020
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