LinguaScribe Review 2020: Details Price, and Features.


Linguascribe is the most advanced Powerful multilingual app, which helps to translate, Transcribe, or voiceover your text or audio, or video into multi-languages.

You can easily Convert text of any language into audio and even convert it into the audio of other languages. this Powerful Language & Audio Toolkit also helps to Translate any content including text, webpage, or videos into 100s of languages.

With this automation app, you will get more Worldwide Organic traffic and more leads & revenue. So if you are a Digital marketer or YouTuber or any local agency serviceman, you should use this new Powerful Language & Audio Toolkit.

LinguaScribe Review – Overview:

♦ Vendor:Cyril Gupta
♦ Product:LinguaScribe
♦ Price:$37/$47
♦ Launch Date:15 Nov.2020
♦ Niche:Software
♦ Official website:LinguaScribe Elite
♦ Guarantee:30 Days Money back.
♦ Recommend: Highly recommend!

What is LinguaScribe?

Linguascribe is a great Powerful multi-language and audio toolkit. This app converts text into audio or voiceover in different languages and that gets You more traffic, More Leads, and generate more Affiliate Income.

This LinguaScribe has 108 languages and  322 Lifelike Voices & Perfect Automation, which translate, and transcribe files into audio or video into multiple languages.

You’ll also get male and female voices, as well as voices that mimic different accents. If you want a male voice speaking English in a European accent, you can do that with LinguaScribe!

If you want to convert your files it’s expensive and It is time-consuming. So you won’t spend hours in repetitive conversions. It’s a very easy process, use this great automation LinguaScribe tool and just set up your tasks once and convert them in one click.

Now You can ask me Why You will Convert All Your Content Into Multiple Languages?

There are more people online today seeking content in local languages than ever before. 75% + Of all Internet users don’t have English as their first language. There is an undersupply of local language content and business is going to irrevocably change in the coming months.

So either you will be the person who grabs all the local language traffic and leads, or it’s going to be your competition. Because, if you think that this huge audience is going to remain untapped for long, well think again.

Because LinguaScribe has great traffic Boosting Features, You Can’t find In any other product at any price point. This app also dominates SERPs and Drive Traffic into your blog and you will Get Leads & Sales Daily.

LinguaScribe Review- Features:

Modern A.I. Translation Technology:

New A.I. technology helps to translate, transcribe, or voiceover any length of text or speech into 100+ languages.

Completely Automated Translation:

LinguaScribe gives you the choice between 100% automation and full control.

You can choose to automatically convert between languages and formats. Or you can keep control of yourself.

 Lifelike Voices:

LinguaScribe integrates with all the voice AIs available and brings you 322 high-quality voices.

You’ll get male and female voices, as well as voices that mimic different accents.

Yes! If you want a male voice speaking English in a European accent, you can do that with LinguaScribe!

Convert Text Into Voice:

LinguaScribe can convert your text into a voice-over in the same language in minutes.

Or if you want, you can first translate it and then convert it into a voice in another language. It’s easier and better with LinguaScribe.

500 Mins Free Voiceovers:

When you buy LinguaScribe you get 500 Minutes of free voiceovers. That’s enough for a normal user, and you can always get more inside.

Support HTML page:

Imagine feeding your landing page into LinguaScribe and getting a perfectly working copy out. You can upload it right away in the language of your choice!

It’s very easy to make local language versions of your landing pages. Just feed in HTML and get out HTML with only the content translated.

How Does It work?

See the video demo below for more detail:

Who Should use it?

  • Digital Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Com + Amazon
  • Freelancers
  • Website Owners
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Local businesses
  • Product owners.
  • Any other kinds of online business

LinguaScribe Review Pros. and Cons.


  • Translate your blog articles, sales pages, landing pages, social media posts, ads, etc. into any language.
  • Create voice-overs for your videos and landing pages
  • Turn voiceovers and podcasts blog articles or text in the language of your choice
  • Get traffic for money keywords that you can’t even think about targeting
  • Get high-quality leads without outspending your competition.
  • Set-&-Forget Workflows make conversion into multiple languages and formats one click simple.
  • 500 minutes of free audio conversion & free translation
  • Get higher click-through rates by showing up on search terms no one is thinking about
  • Make Voice-Overs, Podcasts, Audio blogs, Narrations & Audiobooks
  • Find underexploited customers who your competition can’t reach
  • Rank in local languages with automated local language content
  • Select between scores of life-like voices and accents
  • Go long-tail by feeding Google 5x or 8x the amount of content without working extra
  • Web-based SAAS works 24/7 from any computer
  • Appear in local language directories, collections, and search engines with local language content
  • Free automatic upgrades for 1-year


  • Haven’t found it so far.

Get Unlimited Access:

Front End:

FEATURESLinguaScribe Elite Monthly
(ONLY $37)
LinguaScribe One-Time Payment
(ONLY $47)
Agency Rights (25 Accounts)
Commercial Rights
500 Minutes of Free Voiceover
A.I. Powered Translation (100+Languages)
Mass Workflow Technology
(200 Workflows a Month)
100+ Life-Like Voices
Translate & Record Unlimited
Advanced Transcription Technology
Advanced Voiceover Technology
Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text,
or Speech-to-Speech Ability

OTO1: LinguaScribe Pro (One time $47/Month-$42) (See Details)

Option 1: Monthly ($42) (See details)

Option 2: One time ($47) (See details)

With this powerful upgrade, you get these pro-level features.

  • 1000 More Minutes of Free Voice-Over
  • Auto-Transcribe YouTube Videos
  • Unlimited Workflows & Gigs
  • Unlimited Voiceover, Translations, & Transcriptions
  • 10% Discount on All Credit Purchases
  • Readymade Agency Salespage
  • Auto-Transcribe Articles
  • Access to Our Best Voices
  • Free Upgrades Forever
  • GoCurate Limited-Time Bonus

Downsell To LinguaScribe Pro Trial ($1.00 Then $66.00) (See Details)

LinguaScribe Review 2020

OTO2: LinguaScribe Agency ($37/$47)(See Details)

Option 1: Elit ($37) (See details)

Option 2:Pro($47) (See details)

You will get access to unlimited Agency accounts and unlimited training.

LinguaScribe Review 2020

OTO3: LinguaScribe – Vidscribe Pro ($29) (See Details)

You can convert videos into any language and also generate subtitle video in any language.

LinguaScribe Review 2020

OTO4: LinguaScribe-Tuberank Jeet Pro ($19) (See Details)

Tuberank Jeet is 100% compatible with multi-lingual targeting. You will get organic traffic from youtube By ranking your videos To #1.

LinguaScribe Review 2020


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) first and then you could buy any OTOs if you love them.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the credit system work? Can I buy more credits?

The most sophisticated and realistic voice AIPs are installed into LinguaScribe to help make your voiceovers amazing.

Yes, You can buy more credits.

I already have a voiceover app. Why do I need to put my old one aside for this one?

LinguaScribe is the only one that can translate, transcribe, and voiceover content all-in-one and best AI translation technology for grammatically correct translations.

Do I need a special Computer or OS?

No, this is a web app. It will run on Mac, PC, Linux, Chromebook and even your mobile phone.

How many languages does it support?

100s! In fact, all the major and even minor languages are covered.

How many voices do you have?

The most! Remember, we support all AI services. We bring you the largest collection of voices ever.

Can I sell this as a service?

Sure! Your commercial license authorizes you to do that.

How many voice-overs can I do in a day?

No limits! You get 500 Minutes of Free Voiceover, and you can get more inside.

Will you give me good support?

Yes. We have 24/7 chat support and we take care of you because you are our business.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee Policy?

Yes! The 30-Day guarantee protects your investment. If you don’t like the software, you can get your money back.

I am a reviewer of quality software products. I hope everyone on my site finds the ones I like best and assures you that you will be satisfied with the best review I have used and promoted to every user from the best vendor.


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