ORBIS CYCLES Thunder-x 26 inches Bike Review

Why you should buy this :

ORBIS CYCLES Thunder-x is a great product. Its body frame is made of steel but it is lightweight. The front and rear brakes are disc brakes and have 21 amazing speeds and many attractive features.

ORBIS CYCLES Thunder-x 26 inches Bike

Who it’s for:

ORBIS CYCLE Thunder-x 26-inch bike is only for Adults.

Why we picked the ORBIS CYCLE Thunder x:

ORBIS CYCLES Thunder-x 26 inches is the best bicycle for traveling. There are so many bicycles in the market but ORBIS CYCLE Thunder x is the best bicycle in India among those bicycles. The main reason for using this product is a safe, comfortable, and happy journey. It is a great quality product and has also many attractive features.

Its tire size is 26 inches with a sturdy steel body frame but it is very lightweight. To prevent the rider from slush and dirt it has a full-length steel mudguard. You can easily adjust the seat and stem. There are wide and anti-skid pedals for a better and firm grip on the footwear.

 The bike has front and rear disc brakes. So it can be controlled easily. It has 21-speed hubs with front and rear brakes (disc brakes), and suspension.

This bike is Lightweight and these low-maintenance disc brakes are extremely responsive and efficient to ensure safe riding.

You can easily adjust the handle without disrupting the handlebar height. The high-quality steel crankset ensures durability and is suitable for climbing in rough areas. Adjustable seat post and stem, wide pedals for a comfortable grip on the bike. Let’s talk about some features…..

  1. Sturdy Steel Frame:

ORBIS CYCLES Thunder-X 26 is built with a sturdy and robust mid-welded steel frame. Which is easy to maintain in the long run. It is lightweight and easy for the child to hold and grasp.

The cycle also features an extra raised bar with soft and comfortable grippers to give a perfect posture to your child.

ORBIS CYCLES Thunder-x 26 inches Bycycle

2. Shimano Speed Shifters:

This allows you to shift to lower gears while you are climbing. It also allows you to climb with ease, and increase your gears while you are on a plain area.

These Shimano Speed Shifters allow you to use minimum effort for maximum speed.

3. Lightweight & Durable Wheels:

This ORBIS CYCLES Thunder-X 26 has wheels that are lightweight and durable. The wheels with steel hubs have watertight seals and a quick-release system.

They have strong quality bearing cartridges with a durable design and excellent sealed bearing hubs.

4. Anti-Friction Crankset:

The crank set used is light and built with high-tech metals. It is composites for the optimum blend of strength and stiffness. Its design allows for maximum airflow, reducing friction.

All of this combines into maximizing your energy input, converting it into pure speed.

5. Disc Brake:

This option makes your riding experience much safer because of these power full brakes integrated on the bicycle’s wheels.

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