Sturdy Pal NOW BACK IN STOCK! Get your Insulated Foldable and Adjustable Size Heavy-Duty Leak Proof Lunch Bag for Men & Women with Utensil Zip Pouch

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Hoping your packed lunch will stay fresh until noon?

Nothing trumps a good, old-fashioned packed lunch for work. You get to bring food that you prepared yourself and can simply eat at once when at work or outside. It’s an affordable and healthy alternative versus to-go meals from fast food places.

The only concern left is how to keep your meal fresh until lunch break. Plastic bags and brown paper bags may be readily available but provide little to no insulation. Using a dedicated, insulated lunch bag will make sure your meal stays fresh for hours.

Enjoy fresh meals for lunch with the Sturdy Pal Cool Pal Insulated Lunch Bag.

Get all the convenience of branded insulated lunch containers at a fraction of the price. Our lunch bags are styled after the much more expensive Yeti brand lunch bag and made with a strong inner polyester layer to provide insulation and an outer durable nylon layer for added protection. These materials help keep your meals fresh, from the moment you prepare them until your lunch break at work. The leakproof design makes sure your lunch is mess-free!

Whether you’re only bringing a small-sized meal or a large, hearty dish, this lunch bag is suited for you. Its foldable design allows you to collapse it into a compact roll once you’re done eating, or adjust its size to fit your containers.

Bring all the utensils you need with the zippered pocket located at the back of the bag. Place your spoon, fork, metal straw, or condiment sachets for a complete set. You’re now ready for lunch!

Here are more reasons why you’ll enjoy using these lunch packs:

– Compact, sleek design
– Affordable yet high-quality
– Portable for any outdoor activities

Enjoy delicious homemade food, no matter where you go. Add the Sturdy Pal Cool Pal Insulated Lunch Bag to your cart TODAY!
✔️ Pack Small To Large Meals – Planning for a heavy lunch or preparing a quick, light meal? This soft cooler bag stands 12″ tall when fully extended. That’s enough for any food container or bottle!
✔️ Won’t Hold You Down – At only 12.4oz, this light lunch cooler bag won’t be a hassle to carry around. Adjust its size with the strap and simply collapse the bag for easy storage after your meal.
✔️ Includes Space For Essentials – Leave no spoon or fork behind with the additional utensil pouch at the back of the bag. Bring your utensils and even sachets of food condiments with this zippered pouch.
✔️ Enjoy Healthy Lunch For The Whole Family – Encourage a healthy diet for your family with this easy-to-clean cooler lunch bag. Avoid fast food or takeout and bring healthy homemade lunch instead!

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