Samsung Galaxy A51 Review: An Awesome Cell Phone.

Samsung, the leading mobile maker in South Korea, is trying hard to capture the world’s Android smartphone market. They have launched several great smart phones in the past few months. Samsung Galaxy A51 launched in Vietnam last December.

This cell phone has four rear cameras, 4GB / 8 GB of RAM, 64GB/128 GB storage and many interesting features. However, this cell phone is said to be available in the Indian market at the end of January, but it is not yet available. However, it is expected that 2020 is going to be a great year for Samsung.

Samsung has returned to the no.1 position again in 2019. In 2019 Samsung introduced new cell phones featuring the great Galaxy A70S, M30, M40, and M50. At the moment, Samsung has no competitors other than Apple. More cell phones are expected to be launched in the coming days.

It is expected that these cell phones will be available within Rs.2000-5000/-. Although Apple and Xiaomi fight with Samsung in the global market, Samsung is still dominating the Indian market from the beginning.

Nevertheless, Chinese companies like Oppo, Realme, XiaomiOnePlus, are pushing Samsung into strong competition. And to keep up with this competition, Samsung will have to slow down with a new feature. Because Chinese companies like Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi and OnePlus are launching new smart phones with attractive features at low prices. So it has been difficult for Samsung to survive in the market.

However, it should not be forgotten that Samsung has become its own customer all over the world for Samsung’s brand value. Those eagerly awaiting Samsung’s new cell phones. However, it does not work with the Apple.

Because Samsung has strong competition with Apple in the global market. Xiaomi, on the other hand, is trying to make itself available across the globe.

However, not everyone has the cell phone at this time for Apple’s extra cost. Samsung, on the other hand, has received a great deal of enthusiasm from various types of people all over the world for its different price features. Most importantly, people trust it for its brand value.

2019 years will be a great year for Samsung. This year, Samsung has regained its No. 1 position again. And last December, many new cell phones were launched, So 2020 is going to be difficult for another company. Let’s talk about some features of the Samsung Galaxy A51…

Samsung Galaxy A51 Full Review


Samsung Galaxy A51 camera is great. It has four cameras with 8000x 6000 MegaPixels resolution. For this the phone has become a remarkable smart phone. Its cameras are awesome. Four cameras are set up on the back of Galaxy A51 to capture pictures.

The primary camera sensor for this is 48 megapixels with f2.2. There are 12-megapixel wide-angle cameras with f2.2, 5 megapixel macro camera, and a 5 megapixel depth sensor. This phone also has a 32 megapixel selfie camera. Let’s talk about this….

Get your world saw hit by a button press it twice and there it is let’s check out  the different shooting modes. You got live focus now, you can add or decrease your level of blur. You got regular photos with wide-angle ice.

It is regular and wide angle of course you got your scene selection and if you want to turn that on and off now to optimize your pictures. You got a video that you can do regularly or widescreen. You got night mode and you got a few more so you got your bixby vision.

You get pro mode panorama macro food super slow-motion, regular slow-motion, and hyper-lapse. Now if you notice this is a smart pop-up. So I just view smart pop-ups I love that feature back to the camera.

So a hyper lapse that was the last one, let’s go to regular photos. Now also if you want you could get rid of this you just hold down on that and hit remove. let’s go to photos let’s go to settings real quick.

 Again scene optimizer shot suggestions scan QR codes. The rear video size maximum resolution of Ultra HD 4k resolution and the maximum resolution of 4k in the front it’s pretty good.

 let me tell you what its gonna look like when you slap on the case like I said just a gel skin case little textured feel on the inside nothing fancy with this at all cutouts buttons. Cutouts buttons down a little bit of Rage dipping.

So it’s minimum slam board-certified but all the buttons worked. You will protect the top sides and the back of your phone. let’s get a little wipe down showcase that prism black color on the back let’s wrap this up alright so overall on a scale of 1 to 10 the Samsung Galaxy A51 is a major go and at Rs.23999.00 .

Display and Design:

The Samsung Galaxy A51’sdesign is completely similar to the A50. Galaxy A51’s design theme comes in smooth and elegant pastel shades. This is smooth glass stick check out that over glow to the back and  still have that same rainbow effect.

Infinity-O Display of Galaxy A51 also has a big 6.5” display with FHD, super AMOLED display. Galaxy A51’s Resolution is 1080 x 2400 pixels and 405 PPI pixel density with an aspect ratio of 20:9.

Now Display is maximum brightness this phone does get pretty bright. But you got adaptive brightness. If you want you got your blue light filter for screen modes, you got vivid and natural. You got our easy mode.

You can use that if you want a navigation bar. Now I like mines with the back button on the left but if you want your back button on the right. You can swap that out too well. If you like using full-screen gestures kind of like an iPhone or a pixel. You can do that too personally. I like the old-school buttons better.

Let’s go to wallpapers I don’t really even need to see those themes that are lock screen. Right now I got a pattern face and finger prints but you also got a pin if you want. you got a smart lock to remember there’s no more trusted our faces.

So you just got on body detection trusted places, trusted devices, and voice match. You’ll need trusted places that face on the lock you got you’re always on display.

If you want to save battery you could turn that off or have it scheduled. But like I said before leave it on all right if you want to save battery turn your phone upside down the always-on display will automatically turn off.

You can change your clock styles that’s why I said this one is the best Samsung and LG pretty much make the best. Always on this place wall way too because you can add a picture. But you got a bunch of different styles of clocks themes to download as many as you want.

Why first things first build quality now, I know it one more time for 2019 feels so good in the hands. You know the procedures, I love that beautiful rainbow pattern on the back. You got the glass stick build.

Now l will talk about that one more time what’s the difference between the glass stick build and an official premium build? First of all, if you look at the 90s you got metal going around the frame.

But Samsung Galaxy A51 you got plastic going around the frame now. As far as the back panel this is glass plastic. You see they both have that rainbow effect.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is a major go with all the features that you get at this price range, you cannot complain now. If you’re looking for a flagship phone like OnePlus 7T pro (review) with all of the bells and whistles you’re gonna have to pay flagship prices.

There’s no getting around that but if you want to save some money and you don’t care about having a quad HD display. You don’t need dual speakers, you don’t care about wireless charging and you don’t need the absolute best camera. In the market, this is a serious phone to take a look at.

Specification and Performance:

The display you got is a 6.5-inch, Super AMOLED panel with a resolution of 1080×2400. You got Gorilla Glass 3 on the front with the glass stick build for skin protection. The processor you got is the Exynos octa-core 9611 with the mali-G72 mp3 GPU what does that mean in English mid-range specs and the latest Android 10 with 1 UI 2 skin used in Samsung Galaxy A51?

On top, you got either 4 or 6 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of storage and it does have a micro SD card slot for expandable memory up to one terabyte. You’ve also got a 4000 mAh battery that features 15-watt fast charging.

 The cameras on the rear you got a quad setup, so you got a 48-megapixel F 2.0. That’s your wide angle you got a 12-megapixel F 2.2. your ultra wide-angle you got a 5-megapixel telephoto and a 5-megapixel macro lens on the front.

You got a 32-megapixel half 2.2 wide-angle lens. You also got Bluetooth 4.0 NFC and FM radio. You got a face to unlock always-on and display an on-screen fingerprint sensor. There is also a headphone jack, which is a good thing.

So all that for Rs.23999. The phone is not water resistant, quad HD display, no wireless charge, and no dual speakers.

The biggest difference that you’re gonna notice is in the weight when you pick these phones up you hold the Samsung Galaxy A51 you hold something like the 80-90 or your note 10 plus, you’re gonna notice a dramatic difference in weight.

They look the same but the Samsung Galaxy A51 has more of a light weight feel to it. Once you drop the case on it you’re not really gonna notice. But again you want that premium build quality you’re gonna have to pay those premium prices. So the build quality on this is Samsung Galaxy A51.

I love the look next keep in mind Rs.23999. You got all your Samsung features so if you notice here’s your always-on display fully customizable. you check out a picture of white shoes on it but you got the time to date your battery percentage and all your notifications on an Rs.23999.00 phone.

Now there are a couple of different ways you can open up the device. You can swipe up put in your pattern, and your PIN next you got your on-screen fingerprint sensor and it does work. Now it’s not the fastest in the world but it works.

That’s not ultrasonic but it’s gonna get the job done works every time just a little bit on the slow side. It’s not super fast it’s not OnePlus 7T pro status but I thing you like it. I said it does work but the best way they open up your phone is to use a face unlock.

Now check this out on a side note you can have your video lock screen. Now if everybody that’s wondering how to do that I’ll say it one more time all you have to do is open up your camera app.

Take a video and assign it as wallpaper. This would be a video lock screen now if you notice you see that little light going around the camera, it’s searching for my face.

So let me show your face unlock bong look how fast that is. So the face unlock on this is the best way to open up the device and it also has a setting. Where you could require your eyes to be open Google pays attention.

You can require your eyes to be open, so this way nobody can unlock your phone using your face while you’re sleeping. Next, let’s take it over to the settings real quick. Now, this is basically I would say a watered-down galaxy note.

I have a galaxy S10 just a little bit watered down as far as the processor and some of the features. But if you compare this to the Samsung Galaxy A51. It does have a big upgrade such as edge panels.

Now you got all your edge panels so I got my people’s edge and got the app’s edge. You got all your smart select features. You can add your compass and you can go to settings and add as many as you want. Go to the Galaxy store and download some more.

So let’s check through the toggles real quick. I’ll try to do this quick secure folder, those are on deck let me talk about that real quick. Because a lot of people say always glanced over that secure folders.

That’s your thought protection and how that works so let’s open up secure folders. It requires your pattern your PIN or your fingerprint. So inside my secure folders, you got your gallery. You got calendar contacts, a camera, internet, my files, and Samsung notes. These are all just comeback activities.

Now let me talk to you about how this works I’m gonna open up the camera. I’m gonna take a picture of let’s see let’s do this mobile card. I took a picture of the mobile card now let’s go to a gallery, here’s the MIT mobile card now watch this.

I’m gonna open up secure folders and I open up the camera app from secure folders. Now take a picture of let’s do the galaxy close-up shot.

So you’ll see this picture right here that’s now in my secure folders. So now exit out of that. Let’s turn the phone off and turn it back on, let’s go to the gallery if you notice there’s no ninety-day. So this subject into 890 as its comeback picture.

So if that was one of my scumbag photos in order to view it. I would have to go to secure folders use your pad and your piano your fingerprint, go to my secure folder gallery, and there it is.

So why is that important if you outside living the scumbag life and you’re taking these comeback pictures using the secure folders camera. So this way you ain’t got to go home and remember to add them into your scale folders. Take all your pictures using the camera app from secure folders and they’ll be nice and safe.

All your douche bags come back browser history all your filth save it right there. Your files all that or your little bullshit notes leave all of that in your secure folders fully stocked to protect it. Every time you turn your phone off and turn it back on.

In order to enter the scare folders it’s gonna require a biometric entry that’s pretty dope. So let’s get back to this tacos real quick you got linked to windows ISO. You can link to see if your windows computer got all your different power-saving modes and mobile hotspots.

 You got Dolby most, not Dolby atmos only works when you plug in your wired headphones. I’ll show you what that means in a minute you got your edge lighting and right now I got it on dark mode.

But if you want you can have another standard mode. I think dark mode just looks a little bit better if you have an AMOLED phone. It’s gonna save you a little bit of battery.

Let’s go to settings real quick now. We’ll just breathe through this of course you got your Bluetooth NFC. You got VPNs private DNS. You will all know the status with that already it’s gonna sound of vibrations.

Volume one bottom-firing speakers it’s pretty loud. I put a little speaker right here even it’s a look even if it’s a little bullshit speaker. That sounds horrible and put a little speaker right in the top earpiece.

When you’re watching your videos it just sounds better. It just sounds better with sound quality and effects. Again plugging your white headphones, and activate your Dolby Atmos. But you do have a stock equalizer, it’s got normal pop, classic, jazz, rock, and of course the custom settings he’s put everything.

On maximum that’s gonna give you the loudest speaker.  If you want to set it up in a quiet environment and then want the sound to your specific hearing. You can easily play a sound like that.

That’s anything else a separate app for sound. I went over that but I’ll go through it one more time if you activate a separate app. If you connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker and you’re playing music. You won’t get your text message alerts from the Bluetooth speaker.

So while you’re rocking out with your music at your party you don’t have to have notifications coming in interrupting the music. That’s great, so you have a separate sound. So the sound will come to your phone mean while the music will stay rocking out to your speaker. That’s a nice little touch right there.

Let’s see anything else, you got your face widgets. Now, this would be from your arm always-on display, you have your music next and warm weather. That’s without unlocking the device you got shortcuts.

So that is why if I open up the phone from the lock screen, you will see I got Gmail and I got the camera. This is where I’ll unlock the device so that’s a shortcut. So if I want to take it over to Gmail real quick all I got do is swipe up and use my pattern. I take me to my Gmail app just keep it moving.

  I said that’s the shortcuts you can switch those around I had any app.  You got Samsung pass, you can stop protection your secure folders. You can install unknown apps and you also have duplicate apps.

Either this way if you got two Facebook, you can have them both set up at the same time. Let’s go to advanced features all right so for the side key remember there’s no Bigsby button.

So for the side key double tap, we’ll leave that to launch the camera that’s the world started hit by button press and hold that’ll be power on and off unless you want big speed.

Personally, I never use big speed so I’ll leave that. As my power-off menu unless you got to call it. Checks on all the devices linked and Windows smart pop-up view. Now you can set this up to as many apps as you want.

Alright so let’s go through these real quick lifts, to wake up the device double tap to wake the device smart stay. That means the Samsung Galaxy A51 phone uses a front-facing camera and it recognizes what your eyeballs are looking at.

The phone so it’ll always keep the display on. So you don’t have to set a ten-minute timeout and it does not keep turning off.

 In the middle of your browsing the Internet, I will buzz we got the smart alert. If you got your phone on the table and you went to the bathroom. Once you pick up your phone you get a little vibration that’ll let you know that you had a missed alert.

You got easy mute on if your phone is ringing put your palm over it now to mute. It palm swipe the CAPTCHA that’s your screen shots. We’ll leave that on and swipe the call or send messages.

Now from your call history you can swipe over to send the message, and swipe over to make a direct phone call. I just keep it moving that’s it.

If you got two WhatsApp accounts and you got two Instagram accounts. You also have dual messenger and this way you ain’t got to keep locking out and logging in.

They’ll automatically be connected together Digital wellbeing monitor your online scumbag activities. Let’s see anything else that’s pretty much it. Oh, device kid now this is a nice little feature that’s on Samsung phones.

So it shows your battery storage memory and security. If you want you didn’t demise checking for viruses checking. After that crashed checking to find high battery usage apps, storage freeze storage space freed up a little bit for apt clothes in the background. Now the phone is running at 100% click-on done.

 This is not lag-free. It’s a little bit of like a part of the reason is all of these features packed into this mid-range from now. If this is something like a pixel 3a we’ll just stock Android.

You want to expect any lack at all but you’re expecting a little bit of lag. Because you got all of these juicy features.

Difference between Samsung Galaxy A50 and Samsung Galaxy A51:

I know what you will all get ready to say what’s the difference between the Samsung Galaxy A51 and the Samsung Galaxy A50? Well, there are five major differences number one the price now with the Samsung Galaxy A50 you can find this one for around Rs.18999.

The cheapest I’ve found is the Samsung Galaxy A51 for Rs. 23999.00. Next the display now with the Samsung Galaxy A50 you got a 6.4 inch AMOLED panel but the Samsung Galaxy A51 6.5 inch AMOLED panel. so point one-inch difference in the size.

 The processor with the A50 you got is the Exynos 9610. But with the A51 you got the Exynos 9611 same GPU. So theoretically the Samsung Galaxy A51 should be a little bit faster next with the Samsung Galaxy A50. If you want an android non-VIP with the A51 you want the Android 10 latest version.

Lastly now this is the biggest difference the camera setup on the Samsung Galaxy A50 you got a triple camera setup on the rim. But on the Samsung Galaxy A51, you got the quad camera setup.

Now with the A50, the max resolution on the rear is 25 megapixels and 25 megapixels on the front and with the Samsung Galaxy A51, you got 48 megapixels on the rear and 32 megapixels on the front. so again theoretically the camera should be way better.

Here’s another difference between the Samsung Galaxy A50 and the Samsung Galaxy A51. On the A50 you got the tear drop. But this one you got the little hole punch like the new Galaxy Notes.

Now personally I like the hole punch way better than the tear drop and on a side note, this is the A50 right here. You got your video lock screen you got an always-on display beautiful phone back to the A50. A51 there’s a whole bunch now.

 I was talking about earlier glass sticks. This has what Samsung is calling a glass stick build so it’s not glass it’s not 100% plastic. It’s more of a mix between glass and plastic. When you feel it, it does feel like plastic. But it looks like glass and if you look closely this is 100% glass.

This is a glass stick check out that glow to the back. They still have that same rainbow effect, even though this is basically a mid-range to budget-style phone it doesn’t feel cheap. Alright, it definitely has a nice feel to it and I love that shimmer to the back.

Battery life:

Excellent battery backup of Samsung Galaxy A51. There is a 4000 mAh battery in this cell phone which gives you the power to stream, share and game. You can easily play PUBG, CALL OF DUTY, etc. for a long time, for its 4000 mAh battery backup and Video playback of up to 19 hours. You also got a 15W fast charging facility but no wireless charging facility.

Anyway build quality on this is excellent it’s a relatively smooth phone. With the minimum lag, you got plenty of RAM plenty of storage, and a micro SD card slot for even more storage you got a headphone jack, a beautiful display, and the speaker sounds pretty good.

You got a four 4000 mAh battery with fast charging. The camera is okay, alright it’s not the best camera on the market. The camera is okay, but for Rs.23999.00 this is a great trap phone with all of the Samsung features.

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